Why Axie Infinity Will Change the World.

I have always wanted to get down in writing one collection of my ideas on why I think Axie Infinity will truly become a staple in the world of gaming and beyond. This piece is going to be that stream of thoughts and ideas. One place where I lay out every factor that I thinkContinue reading “Why Axie Infinity Will Change the World.”

What is Axie Infinity Land and Why are people buying it?

Welcome back to the third part of Investing in Axie Infinity. In the first part I talked about investing in Axies themselves, the second part I discussed the Axie tokens, and in this part I will discuss Axie Infinity land. ***Again, before getting into it I want to make an important note, none of theContinue reading “What is Axie Infinity Land and Why are people buying it?”

Yield Guild Games Acquires $76,000 (39.6 ETH) worth of Axie Infinity Land.

What an acquisition by Yield Guild Games!  This monstrous estate consists of 88 Savannah plots, the cheapest of the Axie Infinity land offerings. The estate was purchased for a total of 39.6 ETH, averaging out to roughly 0.45 ETH per plot. This is 9 times higher than the initial sale price, 0.05 ETH per SavannahContinue reading “Yield Guild Games Acquires $76,000 (39.6 ETH) worth of Axie Infinity Land.”