Axie Infinity at NFT NYC

Is anyone else experiencing the same amount of FOMO that I am? Watching all of the amazing people that have been a part of this community for so long finally come together and meet in person for the first time seems surreal. After spending all of our time online, either via discord or on Twitter, and with pseudonymous avatars/profiles, you forget that there are real people on the other side of your conversations. People with real lives, real families, and interests that go beyond the shared digital nation that Axie created. All these people have one thing in common…some way, some how their lives have been impacted by Axie Infinity. However, it goes a layer further than that. Their lives were impacted by Axie enough to travel from their homes to a shared location to meet each other for the first time. This is no small feat.

Seeing podcasts/meetups like Axie Chat live, with people like Chuck, Freak, Jiho, Zyori, Bryce, BA, AK, Davicio, etc. (sorry if I left others out), people who have been around for so long, that are a cornerstone of this community, meet and share ideas and energy (and drinks) is incredible. It doesn’t stop at the OGs of old, there are new players who’s lives have been positively impacted by Axie that are moved enough to travel from across the world to visit. Axie Infinity has genuinely changed millions of lives for the better.

And I am writing this prior to the Axie Infinity rally, I can’t imagine how many people will show up to this and rally around the Lunacian flag.


So what does all this really mean?

I think when we take a step back from “When DEX”, or “When Land”, looking at the actual change that this revolution has sparked in the world is a huge accomplishment in and of itself. $SLP is known, held, and used by millions and millions of people across the world. It proves that the values of web3 are not just theoretical talking points that we propagate across twitter or discord. It illustrates that the impact that web3 and crypto originally set off to make, like banking the unbanked, are actually bearing fruit. It validates that the problems we set off to solve are actual problems that when solved, impact people’s lives.

Or maybe I’m just coping. Could be that too.

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