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Welcome to all readers, I appreciate your time. This is where I will talk about all things Axie Infinity and blockchain gaming related. I hope you enjoy as much as I do.

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Play to Earn, Play and Earn, and How Axie Will Evolve

There has been a lot of conversations recently around the evolution of Play to Earn into a concept of Play and Earn. A rather subtle difference in phrasing but a significant one that will have important ramifications on the future of the NFT gaming space. I’m sure everyone reading has some idea of what Play…

On The Great Migration

Hope everyone is having a great start to the new year. In 2022 and beyond I want to spend time on further developing some of my thought processes and ideas through writing, so expect more quick, high-level streams of dialogue in future posts, such as this one. Agree, disagree, or remain neutral, I appreciate everyone…

The Future of Axie Infinity is more than $SLP

Happy Holidays to everyone, and I hope our fellow Lunacians in the Philipines are safe after the recent natural disaster. It is always a good time to hug loved ones and tell them you appreciate them being in your life. Our time is limited, and life is short. I often remind myself to take time…

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