The Tale of the 1,000,000th Axie

Unless you are living under the metaphorical Axie Infinity rock, you are aware of the recent debate around Axie #1,000,000, or more so the process in which this Axie came to be. I think the best way to start off is by explaining what happened and then going into the implications of it. As everyoneContinue reading “The Tale of the 1,000,000th Axie”

Why Axie Infinity Will Change the World.

I have always wanted to get down in writing one collection of my ideas on why I think Axie Infinity will truly become a staple in the world of gaming and beyond. This piece is going to be that stream of thoughts and ideas. One place where I lay out every factor that I thinkContinue reading “Why Axie Infinity Will Change the World.”

Axie Infinity’s Record Setting NFT Sale.

Axie Infinity takes claim to the highest recorded NFT sale to date. The sale consisted of 9 connected Genesis Land plots worth 888.25 ETH or roughly $1,500,000.  Let’s break down this record setting sale… The Seller: The seller of this monster deal is a well-known Punk Collector, Axie Investor, and recent Hashmask record setter, Danny.Continue reading “Axie Infinity’s Record Setting NFT Sale.”

What is Axie Infinity’s Ronin and Why Should You Care About?

If you read the most recent Axie Infinity development update , you would have read that very last section on Ronin, which had some intriguing updates that I want to get into! Before we get into it, let’s dive into what Ronin is, why we need it, and what benefits we can expect from it. WhatContinue reading “What is Axie Infinity’s Ronin and Why Should You Care About?”

Project K — Axie Infinity Land Demo Review Part 2

We are back with Part 2 of the Project K — Axie Infinity Land Demo Review. If you haven’t read Part 1, please check it out as it will help paint the full picture of my review! In the last review, I finished with looking over the screen and map layouts. The next thing I want toContinue reading “Project K — Axie Infinity Land Demo Review Part 2”