You got your free Axie Infinity team, now what?

Quick Note: This is an old post but one I want to leave up. I will write a new one soon.

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One of my top battle teams

If you are reading this, there is a high probability that you are new to Axie Infinity, so let me be the first to welcome you into the community!

With the influx of new players, I see a lot of people curious as to what to do after they have officially gotten their first team of Axies. After getting your first team, you enter a whole new realm that is both exciting and frightening. There is so much to learn and do when first entering the Axie Infinity community that you may not know where to start. I want to help you with that process. Here are the first things that you should do after getting your first team!


The first thing that you should do is get a solid understanding of the Axie Infinity basics. I wrote a very simple article called Axie Infinity 101 on which takes you through the basics of the game. Before you buy another Axie or try to make your battle team, it is important to understand Axie stats and strategies such as parts, attacks, defenses, tanks, etc. The fastest way to get good at the game and maintain longterm success is to understand these fundamentals.Axie Infinity 101This guide is for new players that have never played this game before, so it will be very basic for that reason!


Now that you understand the basics of Axie Infinity, you know that accumulating experience is essential. Experience allows you to breed Axies, thus expanding your army. As of right now, battling is the only way to gain experience (there will be plenty of more ways once Lunacia is launched!). Battles won deliver double the experience lost battles do, so you will want to win as many battles as possible. To construct solid battle teams you will need to keep up on battle metas and strategies. There are a lot of different battle metas and strategies that people have, starting with formation, placement, combinations, move orders, etc. A good place to get started is to check out the other guides on so that you know the basics of battling before you throw your team into the arena (Artic, Henri, and Zakke all have good guides on it)! Note: there are friendly battles where you can test your teams and strategies against members of the community without gaining experience or losing your battles; it is a great way to really get good at battling. To keep improving your teams it is helpful to watch the battles you have won and lost to see where your weak points may be.


Once you master battling, you will need to understand how to breed your Axies. I touched upon this slightly in the Axie 101 and Zakke talks about it on his video as well. Since there are endless amounts of Axie gene combinations that you can make, it will be good to understand which combinations are best on the appropriate classes. It is important to know which classes you want your high damage parts on and which classes you want your healing parts on etc.. Those resources are a good place to start, but I will be making more in depth breeding strategy articles in the future!

Axie Infinity has their own set of official guides as well on

Get To Know The Community!

The “last” thing (really can be done any time!) to do is to get to know the members of the community! Axie Infinity has a very open community where engagement is encouraged. All members of the community want each other to succeed and to enjoy the game so that it can grow. If you have any questions or want to join the conversations, don’t be afraid to hop in and join the fun. It is important to know that everyone in the community is willing to help answer your questions, however, the first place they will most likely reference you to check out will be because of all the resources that are there!

If you do have any other questions though, don’t be afraid to message me, @YCB. You can find me hanging out in general or in marketplace! Welcome to all the new members!

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