Basic Axie Infinity Terms

Quick Note: This was an old post but I am going to leave it up here. I may come out with an updated version of it soon.

If you are new to the Axie Infinity community, you may not know some of the lingo and slang that is used to describe the aspects of the game. When someone is talking about double backdoors, tanks, or DPS, it all may sound confusing. Don’t worry, I am here to help make it all a little bit clearer!

DPS and Tanks

The most common references used are tanks and DPS (Damage Per Second). Lets start with tanks as they are one of the most important aspects of the game. Simply, a tank is an Axie with high health (HP). “High” is subjective, but typically I view high as anything 54–55 and up.

Image for post
Example of a good tank with pumpkin and carrot parts (high defense traits).

Since plants and reptiles have the highest HP, they are mostly used as tanks in teams. There are some aqua tanks that are used in strategies, as they serve to be better against beast attacks, however, they cannot have as high HP as plant/reptiles do.

There are several sub-categories to tanks; these include double-healer/triple-healers. These healer tanks are tanks that have traits which heal themselves on their turn. Parts like Zig Zag, Rose Bud, Shiitake, are some of the parts that heal your tank on your turn. With this known, a triple healer is a tank that can heal itself with three of its parts. An example of a triple healer tank is:

Image for post
Tank with high HP and 3 self-healer parts.

The next popular term thrown around is ‘DPS’, I mentioned more in detail in my Axie 101 guide, but DPS Axies are Axies that have high attack parts. Attacks that are 20 and over are viewed as high attack parts. A list of the parts can be found here A DPS Axie can be an Axie with any variation of these parts. A good example of a DPS Axie is:

Image for post
A good example of an Axie with all high attack parts.

Double Backdoor

The two backdoor traits that are currently in the game now are Toothless Bite and Shrimp. These backdoor traits attack the Axie that is positioned at the back of the opposing team instead of the Axie that is in the front. This can serve as a valuable strategy in battle when trying to get rid of the opponents high attack Axies. A double backdoor is an Axie with booth Toothless Bite and Shrimp, this allows for two out of four possible moves to be executed on the back Axie. An example of a double backdoor is:

Image for post
Axie with Toothless Bite and Shrimp


Support traits are traits that heal the Axie in front of them. The only two support healing traits available now are Silence Whisper and Strawberry Shortcake. Silence Whisper heals 1/4 of max HP to the front Axie. Strawberry Shortcake heals 1/2 of max HP to the front Axie, however, when the Axie with Strawberry Shortcake gets attacked, it heals 1/2 of the max HP to the opponents attacking Axie. A double support is an Axie with both Silence Whisper and Strawberry Shortcake. These are valuable because they allow your tank to be alive longer and tank more damage. An example of a double support Axie is:

Image for post
Beast Axie with both Silence Whisper and Strawberry Shortcake.

Body Shapes

There are several different body types in the game that if you are new you may not know. The most basic is the fuzzy/furry Axie:

Image for post
A fuzzy Aqua!

After the fuzzy Axie, is the curly Axie:

Image for post
A curly Aqua!

If these Axies are bred together, the resultant offspring has a percent chance to result in a wetdog:

Image for post
Reptile wetdog

The next body shape is the spiky, which looks like:

Image for post
Spiky aqua!

There is a certain body shape only found in the genetic code of the Axies; it isn’t expressed on the outside. When this is bred with a spiky, it results in the sumo:

Image for post
Sumo plant!

This sumo looks like it ate too much strawberry shortcake and now its over stuffed!

The rarest body parts come from the combination of wetdog and sumo, and its name is…..BIG YAK!

Image for post
The first Big Yak ever bred!

This was bred by none other then, The Master of Yaks. It was the first BigYak ever bred.

The chart for these combinations is here for future reference!

Image for post

As always, you can follow me @the_ycb on Twitter, and if you want any more terms added, DM on Discord!

Make sure you are in the Axie Infinity Discord too!

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