$CANDY — What you NEED to know!

Welcome to the All you need to know about the $CANDY sharding! Let us start with the basics of what CANDY is…

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Candy angry!


$CANDY, a.k.a. Candy, is a triple mystic Axie. A triple mystic Axie has, as you guessed it, 3 mystic parts.

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CNDY 3 Mystic Parts

Mystic Axies were rolled using AOC, Axie Origin Coins, at the beginning of Axie Time. Since there are only 19! (yes, 19!) triple mystic Axies in existence, what were the chances for rolling one at the start?

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Thanks Owl for the sweet calculations!

As you can see, at the start of the game there was a 0.28% chance of hitting a triple mystic Axie!!! ooohhhh the rarity 😉

Further, the total number of Axies as of this writing is 150,547 Axies, which means 0.012% of the total population are triple mystic Axies…but Candy is one of a kind.

Now we know that Candy is extremely rare, what will the utility of mystic Axies be when land gameplay comes out? Lets look at what we know…

From the Land Gameplay original article, Mystic Axies can possibly create more enhanced potions…how enhanced will the potion be if a triple mystic Axie created one?

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Potions are just an example of what the mystic utility will be in land gameplay. It is assumed that there will be many other use cases during gameplay as well. Even though you are buying a shard of a triple mystic and not the Axie itself, you are still buying a part of something that is extremely rare with possible rare utility in game. And who knows, maybe they incorporate shards in game eventually.

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Land gameplay will be HYPE

Liquidity Plans:

The total number of shards issued will be 100,000 at a price per shard of 0.005 eth. This makes the eth evaluation of Candy 50 eth, with the current triple mystic floor sitting at 70 eth.


Total: 100,000 shards

Owner: 50,000 shards

Sale: 49,000 shards

Niftex team: 1,000 shards

After the sale is sold out, the Niftex team supplies the initial liquidity to Uniswap V1 and can set it at the initial sale price. Then, the owner supplies a portion of the kept shards as liquidity along with eth to Uniswap.

Buying $CANDY:

The initial launch of $CANDY will happen on Niftex, found here https://www.niftex.com/launches/details/candy

In order to buy $CANDY at the time of launch, you must create an account on Niftex (email + password) and connect to your Metamask wallet/Trust wallet.

After the Niftex sale is sold out, you can then claim your shards, or buy from Uniswap.

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