My take on the 11/19 Axie Infinity Release Notes

In a new update Trung, the founder and CEO of Axie Infinity, announced a “staking” model for Axie Infinity players. What does this mean for the players? Let’s find out… As you can see above, this staking model is dependent upon the number of Axies that you hold in the wallet. In order to understandContinue reading “My take on the 11/19 Axie Infinity Release Notes”

Axie Infinity Marketplace Hit $4.1 Million in 30 Day rolling Sales

What a truly historic milestone, as if $1 Million, $2 Million, or $3 million were not enough, the Axie Infinity marketplace has hit $4.1 Million in a 30 rolling day sales total. At current prices (ETH at $485), this is equivalent to roughly 8,453 ETH in sales. If we break down the marketplace sales weContinue reading “Axie Infinity Marketplace Hit $4.1 Million in 30 Day rolling Sales”

Axie Infinity X Chainlink

Another great announcement by the Axie Infinity team! The Axie Infinity integration of Chainlink technology shows how blockchain-focused companies can share technologies to make their products better. The team essentially incorporated two aspects of Chainlink’s technology into their product. The first being Chainlink’s ETH/USD Price Reference Data into their marketplace. So what is this Price Reference DataContinue reading “Axie Infinity X Chainlink”

The community’s role in a decentralized company (Axie Infinity)

Blockchain Technology brings about a major revolution in the way that companies are built. The power and rewards will no longer be centralized to the people at the top and the shareholders, but will be distributed down to the token users/consumers. A lot of companies will fail at making this transition, because they are unableContinue reading “The community’s role in a decentralized company (Axie Infinity)”

$CANDY — What you NEED to know!

Welcome to the All you need to know about the $CANDY sharding! Let us start with the basics of what CANDY is… $CANDY, a.k.a. Candy, is a triple mystic Axie. A triple mystic Axie has, as you guessed it, 3 mystic parts. Mystic Axies were rolled using AOC, Axie Origin Coins, at the beginning of AxieContinue reading “$CANDY — What you NEED to know!”

Guess Who is Back…Axie Infinity White Paper Review Part 1

I am back! The recent Axie Infinity news and success has inspired me to write more articles about Axie Infinity to help encourage growth and spread the gospel…cough cough…news. Since I am going to be touching on the entire White Paper, I will have to split this review into several parts so that one doesContinue reading “Guess Who is Back…Axie Infinity White Paper Review Part 1”