Axie Infinity Marketplace Hit $4.1 Million in 30 Day rolling Sales

What a truly historic milestone, as if $1 Million, $2 Million, or $3 million were not enough, the Axie Infinity marketplace has hit $4.1 Million in a 30 rolling day sales total. At current prices (ETH at $485), this is equivalent to roughly 8,453 ETH in sales. If we break down the marketplace sales we can get some further insight into this data.

The total number of sales for the last 30 days (at the time of this writing) was 32,689. Yes, 32,689 transactions were made amongst community members over the last 30 days alone. That is equivalent to 1,090 (rounding) transactions per day. Or, further, 45 transactions per hour, and 0.75 transactions per minute. We are so, so close at seeing one transaction made every minute on the Axie Infinity marketplace. This milestone will most certainly be hit soon as the number of Axie holders is growing each and every day.

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If we look further, the average price for these transactions is roughly $125. However, since ETH is money we like giving prices in ETH terms, which would be roughly 0.26 ETH (again, at current prices).

Obviously, these are not cheap transactions being made as many high level PvP Axies can go for 0.5 ETH+, mystics are currently listed at 6.39 ETH, and the Axie floor is sitting right around 0.049/0.05 ETH. This means there is a wider variety of transactions being made, dictating that the health of the marketplace and economy is rather good. Since there are many different types of players/investors, such as collectors, arena players, or breeders, we want to see a variety of options for users to chose from when they search the marketplace. By giving these users the option to chose from many different assets, all types of players can be satisfied.

This is the benefit of being a global game. It does not matter what time of day it is, people all over the world are playing Axie Infinity. As a result, there will be constant marketplace activity going on.

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