Let’s get frosty… Why I invested in an Axie Infinity Body Style! An Axiemas Special Part 2.

Welcome to the second part of the Axiemas special, if you haven’t read Part 1, make sure to read it here. It will be important to read Part 2 in its entirety, there is a special Easter Egg at the end!

In Part 1, I touched on the first generation of Axie Christmas parts, in this Part I will go over the second generation and why I invested in the special body style. Lets get into it…

Xmas Surprise Credit: Axie Post

This generation of Axie Christmas parts was released in December of 2019 and consisted of 6 new parts, multi parts, and a special body style. This past year the total number of Christmas Parts was higher than the first generation as it was easier to breed and there were more Axie users. In order to pass down these parts to your baby Axie, both parents must have had the dominant gene. If this condition was satisfied, you had a 75% chance of getting the new part. You can see these new parts in the image below:

Xmas Recipes. Credit Axie Post

The second generation of parts had an interesting twist where multi-part Axies were allowed. This means that if you satisfied multiple starting conditions then each part had its own 75% chance of being successful. So in the example below, you have a 75% chance to get Santa’s Gift and a 75% chance to get Fir Trunk. 

Credit Axie Post

Since you can have multiple parts on one Axie, it makes it more difficult to narrow down how many single part, double part, etc. Axies there are. For the totals below I simply included how many Axies have that part on it. The totals include:

Tail: Fir Trunk (652)

Horn: Santa’s Gift (714)

Back: Frozen Bucket (488)

Eyes: Icy Glaze (413)

Mouth: Tiny Carrot (697)

Ears: Pinecones (709)

In addition to these beautiful parts, the team included a new body type. To get a frosty body type, your parent Axies must both have at least 3 of the same Xmas parts. The total number of Frosty Axies, 505.

Credit Axie Post

The first Frosty:

This gets me into why I invested in one of these Frosty Axies. To start, they are the only Christmas body style that exists. The first generation did not include a body style, and we know that there is no Christmas event this year so at the current time this is it. Without predicting the future, this could be the only Christmas body style that will exist in Axie history. Even if it isn’t the only, it is the first. I want to have a part of that history.

In addition, it was not a simple one step process to get the Frosty body style. You were required to have 2 parent Axies that had the same Christmas parts on them. This added some level of difficulty and adventure to getting Frosty Axies. There is a story to this event that, when looking back on it years from now, adds allure to the moment and the style. I am also buying into the Frosty narrative.

Further the scarcity is locked. I said in Part 1 but I will reiterate here, I really like the undiscovered, rare Axies that have locked quantities. These are the collectibles that have rarity like mystics but are much cheaper to collect. They are also the types of Axies that fly under the radar. They do not get the mainstream attention and hype because they are not as expensive (compared to mystics) and won’t have the legendary parts. Even though this may be the case, they are still a major part of Axie history. Again, when we reach 1 million plus Axies, there will still be 505 Frosty Axies. 

Lastly, just like anything else Axie related, the Frosty aesthetics are on point. The snowman shape and texture fits perfectly on the Axie. It resembles a snowman Axie how I would want it to. Plus, it will look great on any Arctic land. The Frosty + Arctic connection was a match made in heaven, and I had to have one just for that. Also, who knows if Frosty’s will get an Arctic land bonus…?

That concludes the second generation of Xmas Parts and is the last generation of Xmas parts we have at this time. These are some of my favorite Axies because they are rare, based on a great holiday and time of year, and beautiful. I hope we have more generations in the future but only time will tell. I hope you enjoyed reading, and if you have any Xmas part Axies show them off on Twitter and tag me! If you stayed for the Easter Egg…

The first 10 people that retweet and comment (on the Twitter post) the answer to this question get added into the 10 AXS raffle giveaway! The question…

What was the enchantment called that allowed you to boost your exp earnings by 20% in the old battle system? 

Hint: The item is on the home page

Please make sure to follow and spread the word on Twitter. I also have another giveaway pinned there:

Thank you!

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