Why did I invest in a Non-Mystic Axie? An Axie Infinity Christmas Part 1 Special.

It’s that time of year again. When people start baking cookies, singing songs, and getting into the Christmas and holiday spirit.

In Axie, that means I start looking at Christmas part Axies. What are Christmas part Axies? They are limited edition Axies with Christmas inspired parts. The first round of Christmas parts was released in December of 2018. It is crazy to think how fast the time has gone. It does not feel that long ago when we were breeding these parts to get our own very first Xmas parts.

All of the Christmas Parts. Credit Artic

So how did you get the original Xmas Axies? You had to breed the combination of Axie parts you see above. In order for your Axie to have the Christmas part, the parents must have passed down each of the required parts. For example, in order to transform Snake Jar into December Surprise, your baby Axie must have Strawberry Shortcake and Snake Jar. You can see on the Axie I bought below, or on the marketplace, what December Surprise looks like.

My beautiful Christmas Axie

There are a total of 6 first edition Axie Xmas parts, one for each part on the Axie. These parts and their total quantity include:

Mouth: Rudolph (168)

Eyes: Snowflakes (225)

Ears: Merry Lamb (161)

Horn: Spruce Spear (40)

Back: Candy Canes (190)

Tail: December Surprise (168)

This gets me into why I bought this Axie. First and foremost, it is the very first Axie Infinity Christmas Tail Part. To me, this is directly comparable to limited edition Pokemon cards. They are a special event that once it is over, is over forever. The Christmas parts can no longer be passed down by breeding. Which obviously means that the rarity of this Axie is secured. There will only ever be 168 December Surprise Axies. 

Second, there are only 7 reptile December Surprise Axies. Since December Surprise is a reptile part, I really value having 1 of the 7 reptiles out there. It is one of those things that without digging deep into the details, you would have never known how rare this type of Axie is. These are the types of Axies that I like to hold. They have a set rarity, but they fly under the radar compared to Mystics. The time people will realize their value is when the game goes mainstream and we have 1 million plus total Axies; and there will still be the same amount of December Surprises. 

Last but not least, I really just liked the aesthetics of the Axie. The light purple is a perfect color. The parts go together, with the ears and the back making it look like it is flying. The December Surprise is a present that anyone would love as a gift these holidays!

These Axies are just a part of the first generation of Christmas Axies, there is a second generation that I will discuss in Part 2 of the Axiemas Specials!!

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