Project K — Axie Infinity Land Demo Review Part 2

We are back with Part 2 of the Project K — Axie Infinity Land Demo Review. If you haven’t read Part 1, please check it out as it will help paint the full picture of my review!

In the last review, I finished with looking over the screen and map layouts. The next thing I want to get into is the inventory/weapons/resource mechanics. Let’s start with the inventory.

My inventory post decorating

If you have ever played Minecraft, or any type of resource gathering game, you will most likely have seen this inventory style. I personally like how simple it is. You see all of your available resources, the quantity of resources, and the health of your tools. The one thing that will be interesting to see when future land play comes out with more resources, is if this is enough room. Obviously, you will be able to upgrade it, but with wood, stone, and potentially many other resources that is something to keep an eye on. 

In order to fill up your inventory, you need to collect resources. 

Gathering Brick

The team has stated in Discord, many times before, their philosophy about the game: they want some sort of time investment. The people that get rewarded should be the people that put in the time and effort into the game, not the people that simply bot or try to do the least amount of work possible. I say this to preface the current resource gathering mechanic. Gathering resources currently is a time-intensive task, where you have to click a lot and click fast in order to farm as fast as possible (which ends up making your fingers sore). Even though this is the case now, I expect that we will have the ability to upgrade our tools, which means that you will be able to gather resources at a much faster rate. So while it may be inconvenient now, I do think that upgrading tools is an obvious mechanic that will be available in the future.

When it comes to decorating your plot, the upgraded tools will most certainly enhance the user experience. 

Common Furniture Options

First, I have to say how I appreciate the attention to detail for the furniture. It is simple but clean and detailed. I love it. 

Back to my point, I say that upgraded tools will help because the wood and stone walls require a pretty significant amount of time to gather the resources to build. 

However, I do expect that there will be markets around resources. Which means to save time, you will be able to buy wood, stone, etc., instead of having to gather it yourself. This idea is very exciting. I wrote a thread on Twitter the other day giving my thoughts on it. Essentially, I believe SLP was a test experiment to see whether people would be willing to trade their time to gather SLP and sell it for ETH. And conversely, whether people would be willing to save time and trade their ETH for SLP. The only resources we have at this time are wood and stone, but I can already see the fundamentals of an economy starting. I for one, did not have the time to spend gathering the necessary wood and stone to decorate my plot how I wanted to. Demand. I would most certainly pay a small amount of ETH or AXS for the amount of wood and stone I needed to decorate. I am sure that there will be people who are willing to spend their time gathering wood and stone to sell it to me for ETH/AXS. Supply.

To think that these are just two of the possible resources that we will have in the future is exciting. There will be plenty of job/business opportunities inside of Lunacia.

To follow up on furniture, I want to share some of my favorite contest submissions and just acknowledge the attention to detail that people put into them. I love all of the plot submissions that people made, I simply don’t have the room to include all of them!

In no particular order,


A plot by onedayplay

An OG of the game I expect nothing less than great work. I love the colors in this plot. Simple but beautiful.

Next up,

Kuan | Lev0x eSports:

A plot by Kuan

A fitting name, “Breeder’s Temple of Wealth” is truly a temple of wealth. The pattern just looks aesthetically pleasing.


A plot by Baronar

The plot speaks for itself. Baronar is the Arctic Wizard.

There are so many great submissions, I probably will write an article going into detail of more posts. The last one that I want to show off is just a total flex. A genesis plot with the best mystic items. You love to see it.

Genesis plot with mystic items.

If we look at the bigger picture, these submissions are just the beginning of the social interaction we will see in Lunacia. On the first day alone we saw people from all over the world come together and complete ‘AXS’ on the map.

Credit Psycheout for the Photo

The open world map invites this type of behavior. Being able to see other people’s plots and interact with other Axies creates an inherently social environment. People were even communicating in the Axie Discord voice chat coordinating this picture. And this was just the demo, with minimal functionality. Imagine when dungeons, boss Chimera battles, Luna’s Landing, etc. are all up and running? Lunacia will be the go-to social hub

The last thing I will touch upon is moving around the map. I think the speed of Axies moving around is fair. If you want to be able to have these types of social interactions in can not take hours for Axies to move across the map. The current speed requires people to be patient enough to have to wait, but not too long where public gatherings will be impossible to coordinate. I do think, however, that items which make travel speed faster will become fairly popular. Being able to travel to resource nodes and dungeons before other people can potentially be of value.

I’ll end this review with a picture of my Axie standing in Luna’s Landing by itself, pondering about what life will be like in the future. It is a truly historic moment to see what Luna’s Landing looks like before the shops, buildings, banks, stadiums, restaurants, etc. are all built. 

Pondering Luna’s Landing

The future is bright in Lunacia.

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